Meet Wayne Yap

A natural entrepreneur with a passion for challenging social conventions and analysing numbers to disrupt businesses. Wayne is the founder and CEO of Universal Genius Advisory.

Before diving into the start-up space, Wayne was a professional poker player and earned 7-figures a year. His personal mission is to help busy entrepreneurs optimise their lives and business in a meaningful way by analysing their data.

In addition to his professional interests, Wayne spends his time learning about cosmic energies.


10 facts about Wayne Yap

1. At 15, I threatened my Mum that I would jump out of the building when she wanted me to quit Bowling (for failing my exams). If she didn't stop me, I would have jumped.

2. I often skipped my classes in NUS (where I did my Statistics degree) to go to Macau to play poker. I sometimes still dream about failing my exams and being forced to go back to school.

3. I'm a nerd. I competed in Math Olympiads and I now average about 70 books a year.

4. I've invested more than $300k USD on my own personal development.

5. One of my Unique Abilities (Zone of Genius) is to be part of mastermind groups, I contribute a lot and LOVE being part of masterminds.

6. One of my missions is to build the best mastermind group in Asia.

7. I meditate about 45 minutes daily.

8. I finally broke into high stakes poker from mid-Jan to mid-Apr 2017 when I made $1m in 3 months.

9. I moved away from poker because poker is a zero-sum game, and I wanted to live in the world of value creation instead.

10. I love numbers and numbers love me - Math Olympiad, Stats degree, multiple 7-figure winner in poker. I now consult small-businesses to increase their revenue by understanding their numbers and helping them arbitrage their blindspots.


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